January 14th, 2003

it's been four months since we obtained the spec[00/]imen[????//??//?/**^?].

it doesn't move. it doesn't age. it withstands any physical or chemical changes. [-й-&&*(--], however, reported "hearing the voice of a god" inside his head when left alone with it. this especially confused me, as he never struck me as a religious man. a man in this field of work, of course, isn't likely to be a believer in the first place.

in any case, i asked him what that meant, and he refused to elaborate. he was extremely shaken up about the incident, so i told him to go home early tonight. i don't especially enjoy spending my time at the facility alone. i wish i had involved more than one person in this fu[[[c[//////N]()] project to begin with. i find myself thinking about the boys. if anything happens to me while i'm running this place, do i want them to take over? do i want them to find out at all?

a favor